About the Workshop


We create, and elevate.

The Seasoned Actor is a recurring audition workshop, designed to elevate actors' work and streamline their preparation process . The workshop of 8-10 actors convenes once a week for 4 weeks, and is led by actor and acting coach Georgia Warner, who helps actors to work smarter, not harder, by tapping into their own unique sensibilities to craft present and powerful auditions. 

Prior to class one, actors will receive a short questionnaire, which helps Georgia to choose mock-audition material that's challenging and befitting of each student's goals. However, if an actor has an actual audition coming up, preparing the real audition material will always take precedence over mock-sides! 

Because the workshop is geared toward the craft of auditioning rather than scene-study, there are no scene partners; rather, actors alternate as readers for each other, to imitate a real audition setting. The creative discoveries each actor makes in class one help to inform the material assigned for class two, and so on. 

Assigned material consists of comedic and dramatic scenes from plays, films, and TV shows, as well as monologues, songs, and any other material that's requested and/or beneficial. Actors will have the opportunity to work in any and all medium throughout the course, and all on-camera work will be filmed and shared with the class, for educational purposes. 

While many workshop participants are already established actors, there will also be students who have never acted before. We all learn from each other, and anyone of any experience level is welcome in TSAW. 

Students who have completed one 4-week TSAW are welcome to re-enroll in another, as each workshop is as unique as the actors involved. 

About Georgia Warner


An actor, director, producer, casting director, screenwriter, acting coach... and now, teacher!

In her fifteen plus years as a professional actor, Georgia Warner has worked on Broadway, off-Broadway, and in dozens of distinguished regional theatre productions, including playing Jill Mason in the acclaimed Guild Hall production of Equus starring Alec Baldwin, and originating the role of Lane in the world premiere of House on Fire, by Lyle Kessler (Orphans). 

She has worked on four major TV shows in the last year alone, including guest starring in Law & Order: SVU (a rite of passage for all New York actors), as well as many independent films, commercials, web series, music videos, video games, live and recorded comedy sketches, and in more readings and workshops than she can count. She's had the pleasure of playing a delicious range of differing characters across all genres, and the privilege of being directed by industry titans such as David Hyde Pierce, Eric Stoltz, Jack O’Brien, and Harris Yulin, while working with such prominent actors as Annette Bening, James Franco, Elisabeth Moss, Mercedes Ruehl, and Tracy Letts, to name a few. 

Georgia has directed many children’s theatre productions with The Young Artists and Writers project, as well as full-scale and one-act plays in New York City, and around the Northeast. Her on-camera directing work includes five episodes of the comedic web series Two Mara, a very trippy music video for viral sensation Mikey Shyne, and several short films and sketches. She has produced both short and feature length independent films, and worked as a freelance casting director for film and theatre. 

Perhaps her greatest passion, however, is coaching other actors individually, and witnessing the breakthroughs in their work. She's worked for many years as a private acting coach for a wide array of actors, from series regulars and Broadway stars, to children and recent college-grads, on just about every kind of material out there. 

Primarily a student of the Meisner and Adler Techniques, but well versed in Stanislavski’s System, Strasberg’s Method, and Michael Checkov’s Psycho-Physical Actions, Georgia determines each client’s specific strengths and weaknesses and tailors her approach accordingly, cherry-picking only the methods that  are called for. She often employs the “Oppositional Listening” technique, a tried and true method of her own invention.

Her latest venture, The Seasoned Actor group workshop, is so named for the comparison between the way Georgia coaches her clients, and the way chefs season their dishes; with intuition, exploration,  precision, and a refined sense of taste.

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