Frequently Asked Questions:


What exactly is 'The Seasoned Actor'?

The Seasoned Actor Workshop (TSAW) is an audition intensive that meets once weekly, and runs for four weeks at a time. The goal of the workshop is to elevate the work of the actors who take the class, so that they can be prepared and confident in any audition situation.

For more information on the workshop, check out the "about" and "reviews" sections. 


Who teaches it?

The workshops are lead by Georgia Warner, who views herself as less of a teacher, and more of an encouraging collaborator! Georgia is a working actor and acting coach, with a wide breadth of experience which includes Broadway, off-Broadway, film, and TV work of both comedic and dramatic natures. To learn more about Georgia, visit her website:


Why is it called 'The Seasoned Actor'?

Okay: think of your audition as a meal you’re preparing, and think of whatever acting techniques you’ve learned as the spices you can use to season your meal. Now you might really love oregano, but if that’s the only spice you have, your pancakes might taste a little off. And if all you ever use is cinnamon, your pizza will probably turn out real weird. 

Ideally, everyone will have a fully-stocked spice rack, so that they can season a variety of different dishes!
“Okay, I bought all these different really expensive spices – if I’m making a big fancy cake, should I dump them ALL in?” 
No, you precious overachiever; that would be disgusting.
Instead, you should figure out which meals call for which flavors, and only use the spices that help to enhance whichever meal you're making.
That's where Georgia comes in! When it comes to knowing which approaches will best "season" a particular performance, Georgia is a regular top-chef.


Is this an on-camera class?

It can be! The class is catered to the goals of the student. Part of the time is spent working on stage material, and the other part on film and TV material. Those whose material comes from on-camera projects will be working on-camera for that class, and can take home their footage for educational purposes. 


How many actors are in each workshop?

Nine at the most, so that every actor can have sufficient time to explore their material. 

Will we be partnered up?

Only in so much as having a reader off-stage or off-screen to read opposite you. This is not a traditional scene-study class; it's a study in auditioning with commitment, connectivity, and confidence. Every actor gets their own individual time and attention.

Can I use class time to work on actual auditions?

Heck yes you can! Go get that money, honey!

What if I've never acted before?

We all start somewhere! Beginners are just as welcome as old pros, and can expect to leave the workshop with a solid foundation of the craft and business of acting. 

When does the workshop meet?

Several courses are offered in tandem. Pop on over to the "schedule" tab to find out which segment works best for you. 

After you enroll in a workshop, keep an eye out for a welcome email the week before that workshop begins. 

How much does it cost?

The cost is $275 per 4-week segment. A $75 deposit is required to reserve space in the workshop, with the remaining $200 due before the first class. Payments are non-refundable, but may be applied toward private coaching sessions. 

Where is it located?

Simple Studios in NYC.

134 W. 29th St.  (b/t 6th and 7th ave)

2nd floor 

Who put the bomp in the---?

Oh you stop that right now.