What is Georgia Warner like as a coach?


"Georgia is amazing! She’s incredibly intuitive and really knows how to pull things out of you in a taping to give your audition that extra spark. I always feel I’m in great hands when working with her— she watches out for all the little things you might miss, really knows how to break down a scene, and is equal parts nurturing and challenging. She will make sure you feel you’ve done your best and is a champion for actors! Highly recommend!!" 

— Erica Hernandez 


"I had a last-minute self-tape audition back in December for a lead role in a feature film. When I reached out to Georgia for help, she was flexible and ready to go (which is so important for these last-minute auditions). During our taping & coaching session I was so impressed with her intuition and keen ability to work a scene, and especially her dedication - she worked with me until we got what we needed. Because of our amazing self tape, I got the callback and subsequently booked the job!” 

David James


“Preparing for an audition can be absolutely daunting. Working with Georgia allowed me to walk into the room with the confidence I forget I already have, and then some. She helped me figure out the purpose my character served both in the scene and in the project overall, and was immensely attentive to all the details. Not to mention, she’s a ton of fun. I plan to work with her again, and highly recommend her.” 

— Alana Johnson


“Georgia brings a visceral understanding of the text from her own life and training as an actress. That, in combination with her warm, giving spirit, and having been raised among theatre history, gives her a very unique perspective to the modern actor.” 

— Doug Plaut


"Georgia GETS IT. To be so young and knowledgeable about on-camera auditions and delivery... I learned little and big things that changed the game of making the transition from theater to film. She’s sheer genius! I LOVE this class." 

— Penwah


"Georgia is the consummate pro. As a working actor she knows how to help you prepare for the audition, helping to craft a performance guaranteed to get you noticed. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to future sessions." 

Pat Patterson


“Georgia is great! No matter what level you're at, she pinpoints exactly what you need to get to the next one. She compliments you on the skills you've developed and immediately moves on to the ones that need more of your attention. I've taken many on camera and stage classes and still found Georgia's class to be insightful and transforming despite there being some students there who had never before been in-front of a camera! Her techniques are simple and immediately applicable and you can learn so much for watching how she helps everyones performance become dynamic and compelling. She guided me towards understanding what things need my attention for this next audition season so I can work smarter, not harder and with confidence in the abilities I have achieved already. Of the two auditions I worked on with Georgia (one a Broadway play and one a series regular) BOTH moved on to the next level! What else can you ask for in a coach?! If you are ready to finally book, TAKE THIS CLASS!” 

— Justin Withers


"Georgia Warner is an amazing teacher and coach. She helps her actors dig into the text and circumstances so that they can make specific, truthful, and original choices. I personally grew so much in her class and witnessed others make truly remarkable progress. The friendly environment Georgia fosters creates for a space where actors feel free to play and make bold choices. She has wonderful insights on character and text, is great at choosing sides and pieces for people, and is also always down to work on upcoming audition material for those who need it. After coaching with her, I walk into my auditions feeling more confidant and grounded in my work. I cannot recommend her highly enough." 

— Delilah Napier


“Georgia is one of the shrewdest minds I know. An excellent actress in her own right, her training and mastery of text are only *half* of what makes her such a great coach. What *really* sets her apart is her ability to communicate with actors (of ALL levels), and to help them access the tools in–or outside–their toolbox! Georgia’s creative insight can help you find new ways of approaching the material–adding color, depth, and meaning to an otherwise-lacking scene. Or, utilizing her sharp wit, she can even help you find humor (when appropriate) to help make your scene pop! If you have an audition or just need to rehearse, I can’t recommend Georgia enough.” 

— Maxwell Korn


“Georgia is a gifted coach. Working with her feels like total play. She is incredibly smart and always able to bring insight to any material, be it a contemporary play, Shakespeare, a musical or a pop song. She asks the right questions to guide me towards work that is specific and uniquely mine. Georgia builds on my skills and talents while compassionately addressing bad habits and weaknesses. She helps me take risks and make bolder different choices that help me stand out in the audition room. When I work with her, I get the callback!” 

— Mia Gentile


"The Seasoned Actor was a great acting class that met me where I was as a vocalist wanting more training as an actor. Georgia takes the time to carefully and specifically diagnose you and give you the tools to succeed on stage and on screen. She also makes sure to give material that will challenge you personally and help you find your natural voice as an actor. She truly understands that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution to acting. Definitely would recommend this class to all actors of various levels and backgrounds!" 

— Laurént G. Williams


“I have worked with Georgia Warner on many of my auditions over the years.  She’s the best around.  Her work ethic is perhaps only paralleled by her singularly amazing eye.  In addition to all of her other great qualities, what really sets Georgia apart is her vocabulary; a true actor’s vocabulary. Georgia unlocks endless possibilities in an actor. She reminds you just how many tools you already have in your toolbox and how to get the most mileage out of them.  Georgia is able to simultaneously  solidify your technical proficiency and scene story structure, whilst also cultivating your most instinctive visceral reactions.” 

— Josh Salt


"Georgia is an amazing coach. As someone who has little on camera experience, I asked to focus on camera work for the majority of our four weeks together. I went from being completely frozen in front of the camera to calm, connected, and free. She truly goes above and beyond for her students, taking time to get to know each actor, their strengths, weaknesses, and how to talk to each individual so they can connect to the material in the way that feels best for them. Whether you want help with audition material, want to practice on camera or stage work, or simply want to stretch your acting muscles, The Seasoned Actor is the place to be!" 

— Kat Nardizzi


"Georgia's class was, in a word, awesome. In four weeks I felt a deeper connection to the pieces I was reading than I could've imagined; her class was like a fast-track to 'feeling' it. Each session I found myself in awe of the progression, from first read to last, in my own work and the work of the other actors in class--the difference being Georgia's feedback. She asked honest and engaging questions, never suggesting that one approach is better than another. Her ideas literally acted as fuel for my performances. With her help, I didn't have to try to convey anything; her comments resonate to the degree that they inspire the choices you make without you needing to overthink it. Highly recommend The Seasoned Actor." 

— Laura Harold


“Georgia is a lovely person and phenomenal coach. We first met in a class where I saw her act and after, pulled her aside to compliment her scene work. During our conversation she mentioned her coaching and I quickly took her up on the offer. Each time I have worked with Georgia I have felt more prepared and confident with the layers I can bring to my audition. She has specific, clear feedback and asks questions to help guide me in the direction that she feels is truthful to the scene yet will make it personal and unique to me. Georgia’s ability to offer both creative and technical improvements, in a way that is easy to understand, and honest but supportive, has been invaluable!” 

— Rachel Frost


“I have had the privilege of working with Georgia Warner on multiple projects.  After a private coaching session, I even got a call back! Because of her ability to see a myriad of aspects in a script, she gives notes that are specific and incredibly helpful. Her directorial language is super actor friendly and relatable.  After working with Georgia, I felt I was able to audition with confidence and more ease.” — Noelle Franco


"Considering Georgia is a working actor as well as an acting coach, she has an incredible intuition as to what an actor may need to hear or understand in order to give their best work. It is her ability to adeptly guide her students to where the scene needs them to be which sets her far above the caliber of many acting teachers today. Georgia is the real deal, folks. I know I certainly will be returning to her for more coaching!" 

— Sean Fosse 


"I love coaching with Georgia. She’s great about meeting you where you are with the scene, monologue, etc — whether it’s brand new and you need it for an audition tomorrow or something you’ve been doing for years and has gotten stale (Both of which we’ve done). I was amazed how quickly I was able to reinvest in the old and engage with the new with Georgia’s prompts, and how insightful she was at identifying the missing ingredients in my scene work. I will definitely be coming back to work with her again!" 

— Allie Babich


“I’ve worked with Georgia on a few auditions and she is great at getting the work to a place where I wanted to go. Her expert eyes get you the results that you want, which could take much longer on your own. I got a callback for a union feature after working together so far. Thanks, G!” 

Alex Carmine


"Georgia is an experienced actor and coach turned teacher that knows how to communicate with actors in a way to help them understand the material in an accessible and practical way. She made the class fun while challenging her students in the ways they needed. I highly recommend working with her as I think she'll soon be in high demand!" 

— Renée-Michele Brunet


“Georgia is hands down one of if not the best acting coaches in NYC, she has been around a while but only recently decided to have an online presence, as anyone who has worked with her has urged that she get herself out there!” 

— Cillian O'Sullivan


"Georgia is such an attentive teacher. She gets down to business and is able to get through actor BS and get to the heart/art of the matter. I absolutely recommend working with her, even to just spruce up your own audition material. She really is terrific." 

— Jacob Roman


“I am beyond grateful for Georgia’s help with memorization and working through quite a lot of material. The first time Georgia helped me with an audition, I booked my first LORT contract! Intelligent, graceful, and kind.” 

Patrick Cannon


"Georgia is an incisive coach with a brilliant instinct for building the arc of a scene or monologue. Fabulous and convenient Manhattan space as well!" 

— Jennifer Downes


"Georgia is a wonderful coach. I’ve coached privately as well as taken her 4 week audition workshop. She’s incredibly smart and has a great eye. Georgia digs deep into the material and is able to bring to my attention things in the text and in my performances that I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. Highly recommend!" 

— Shannon Rakow


"The Seasoned Actor was my first ever experience with on-camera work and the first acting class I've taken in years. I could not be more pleased with everything I have learned! I am so grateful that I took this class. Georgia taught me so much about how to audition for the camera but I am also taking away many jewels of wisdom about interpreting text, making strong choices, and how to make a scene tick. Thank you, Georgia. I will definitely be back in your class!" 

— Cynthia Nesbit